Championing life through quantum biology. Naturally ....


Life is an extraordinary gift.
Optimizing life, then, is a game worth playing.

Breaking from tradition, more and more individuals are taking the responsibility for well-being into their own hands. Like spirituality, it is becoming a personal matter. As this trend continues, the bulk of healthcare will evolve more into a form of learning endeavor with an engaging coach, rather than an impersonal brick and mortar hospital with imposing machinery or invasive pharmaceuticals ready to begin combat with a body that is perceived as running amok! 

In reality our bodies are more like a well-tuned assembly of elementary particles that is a hologram - a dancing mandala - not a hiding ground where enemies lurk to assault and ambush you! Even so, managing your well-being can feel unfamiliar and intimidating. Partnering with an engaging coach, with a proven track record, and unwavering dedication to your well-being, can prove beneficial. The field of integral health continues to attract in vivo quantum biology practitioners who are eager to partner with you gain mastery of your well-being. For a list of Quantum Biology Practitioner Affiliates please visit the home page. At the CENTER for VITALITY we continue to serve discriminating clients, affiliates and clinics. We welcome your inquiries.


You have probably noticed that everything in nature - animate and inanimate - is composed of finer pieces, parts so small that they are invisible to our naked eye. In fact so tiny that they don't even obey ordinary laws of physics, but follow quantum mechanics! It stands to reason that change may begin with just one electron! Now introduce superposition, coherence, resonance, entanglement and tunneling - and the drama unfolds into the pure magic of this holographic universe! Being so counter-intuitive we have long resisted quantum mechanics. But the applications to life sciences are so compelling that we are witnessing the genesis of unification.

Who we are biologically is given by who we are at the quantum level.

Unlike conventional approaches, such as drugs, surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy, quantum biology has no side effects. So the benefit-to-risk ratio is unprecedented and nearly infinite! Given such a striking scenario, at CENTER for VITALITY we are inspired to move forward and apply Quantum Biology. Some of the outcomes (inexplicable through Newtonian Biology) can be understood only by invoking such concepts as electron tunneling, quantum entanglement, stimulated emission and associated processes in macromolecules that can lead to healing and optimum well-being. While not appropriate for all situations, Quantum Biology is moving forward causing a paradigm shift in well-being!


Restoration of wellness and return to wholeness requires your engagement. You may be the missing link in the current Medical Model. This may explain why we emphasize the word IN VIVO in what we do: In Vivo Quantum biology, naturally.
No drugs. No knives. No chemo. No radiation. No side effects. Naturally!

At the CENTER for VITALITY we support you regain your wholeness - not by adding something on top of what nature has so elegantly created, but through holographic quantum biology that enables the electrons resume their magical alignment.

Unconditionally relinquishing your well-being into the hands of an expert may even shrink your soul. We are learning that handing over your power diminishes or desensitizes your feedback mechanisms and associated hormonal production  - processes that took billions of years of evolutionary intelligence to fully develop!


Electrons are at the core of biology, life and well-being.

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