Championing life through quantum biology. Naturally ....


We all want it, yet we are not exactly sure how to go about it. Even the experts disagree!

This may be a result of the interplay between Quantum Mechanics and Biology, which have long been regarded as unrelated disciplines, the former describing nature at the inanimate microscopic level, while the latter describing the living species. The fundamental nature of quantum mechanics in unifying the two fields, however, is coming to the forefront. We are already witnessing the overlap.

At the CENTER for VITALITY we apply Quantum Mechanics to Biology. Some of the outcomes (inexplicable through Newtonian Biology) can be understood only by invoking such concepts as electron tunneling, quantum entanglement, resonant electron tunneling, stimulated emission and associated processes in macromolecules that can lead to healing, and optimization of well-being. A cautionary note to the reader though: Like Alice in Wonderland, Quantum Mechanics describes the microscopic world with which we have little or no familiarity. So insisting on receiving "Newtonian world" explanations that "make sense" of the "quantum world" may be futile! The entire field of life sciences is undergoing a paradigm shift brought about by Quantum Mechanics. There's no use resisting it, the duality is here to stay! Its ripple effects are going to be felt for some time!  Click here to learn more about Quantum Biology and You


It behooves us therefore, to create conditions in which quantum mechanical optimization can be elicited to promote well-being. At CENTER for VITALITY we provide services, promote practices, use systems, provide coaching and follow procedures that enhance quantum mechanical optimization and optimum well-being. For instance, Magnetic Resonance Stimulation uses a low energy pulsed magnetic field applied to the body with an applicator. When the frequencies match (or a sub-harmonic) the resulting resonance and enhanced Q-factor stimulate energy transfer. Like the ripples in a pond cause a floating leaf to bob up and down, the magnetic waves gently rock, cleanse and soothe the tissue matrix. Clients often fall in to a deep sleep during session as a result of this gentle phenomenon - perhaps reminiscent of a mother gently rocking her baby! The finely tuned applicator is snugly kept in place for minutes at a time - with the precise duration dictated by individual need. Several applications may be required for complete relief and restoration of well-being and vitality - the exact number of visits varying from person to person. One of the magnetic resonance stimulation systems used at The CENTER for VITALITY is shown here. Although the magnetic field is very small (about the same as the magnetic field of the earth we experience daily), the key to its success is resonance and repetition! We will walk you through every step during the first session. At that time we will generate a 'treatment plan' specifically suited for your need. Whether it calls for a Simple or Intermediate or Complex application, be assured of a gentle touch! Please bring all your questions to our therapist or our medical physicist, board certified by the American College of Radiology.


Well-being is precious. In certain situations, when you are unable to come to us, we will be willing to come to you. Yes, we even make house calls - we can be a little old fashioned, and fastidious that way! There may be a zone charge added to the basic fee, however. The zone charge is linked to the costs of travel.

There is another option: purchase your own system. It may be more practical than you think. It is also an effective way to participate in the new Hyper-Fractionation Protocol.

We can place the order and arrange training in its proper use. Please click the picture below if you like to purchase a system.