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Biologists continue to make heroic contributions in our understanding of Life Sciences at a fundamental microscopic level. Meanwhile, as Quantum Mechanics works its way through life sciences, we are seeing the impending arrival of "Quantum Biology"

For instance, our body is a composite of many subsystems that communicate with each other for co-ordination, and functionality. It continues to impress observers of all caliber. Even then, these electron-mediated communications do get tangled up at times, causing problems. Attempts to repair them with chemical interventions have dominated our attention in the last century. Now, at the Center for Vitality we are witnessing Quantum Mechanics unveil some of the illusions given by Biology.

Although the composition of the human body is not homogeneous, standing waves are indeed naturally present in the body. Additional waves of feeble amplitude can be superimposed as well. The resonance appears to stimulate electron tunneling, resulting in the relief of pain, healing, enhanced vitality, wellbeing, and associated health benefits. We are thus witnessing a kind of unveiling of the illusions given by strict adherence to 'Newtonian Biology', while exposing the world of Quantum Mechanical wave-particle duality that stimulate repair and healing - in vivo! What if our quantum nature is giving rise to not only quantum biology, but also classical biology? In other words, by listening to the clients describe their maladies at the macroscopic level, we get to eves-drop on the underlying Quantum Biology!
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During meditation some folks experience rapture. Others experience relief, peace, as well as restoration of well-being for thousands of years. Its modern derivatives - guided imagery and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) - have also been found to be effective. Here's a possible explanation of how it works. During meditation (as in Vipassana Meditation) one begins by focusing on the breath. As one progresses, the focus is systematically shifted from the Crown chakra at the top of the head to the tip of the toes in a sweeping fashion. This process is akin to a calibration sequence in an electrical circuit where a signal is sent through the entire circuitry to clean up, and calibrate the circuit board. Some have discovered an optimum scan speed that causes a magnified effect of this sensation - even an electrical discharge like sensation upon reaching "resonance". Claims of healing and restoration of well-being are all too common. Those who practice meditation openly report the benefits of this practice. Meditation is safe and simple - and it improves performance and functionality of the individual, especially the neuro-vascular system, the respiratory system and the cardio-vascular system.

What if meditation is an effective method of cleaning up and energizing the neuro-vascular bundle and the peripherals? Low intensity magnetic waves - as in Magnetic Resonance Stimulation - can produce similar cleansing of the neuro-vascular bundle when the frequencies match -- at resonance! Good news to those who do not like to, or want to meditate.


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Can Quantum Physics optimize our well-being?