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One of the questions we ask clients immediately upon completion of a MAGNETIC RESONANCE STIMULATION session is to gently close their eyes, notice their body sensations and report. Nearly 100% of the time the first comment is "I never felt this peaceful in my life!" or a variation of that. This is a direct result of alignment produced by the MAGNETIC RESONANCE STIMULATION. After the session is complete however, the inevitable hand of de-phasing cause them to begin their journey toward de-coherence and reduction in alignment. The half-life of this decay varies from person to person.

For clients who have flexibility with their schedule -- or own their own equipment -- we have developed a customized HYPER FRACTIONATION PROTOCOL that takes this into account. Invented and developed by Dr. Thomas Padikal, it makes use of single 8 minute fractions delivered several times a day determined by the half-life of alignment decay. Research shows that this approach significantly optimizes the outcomes. Once again, with no adverse side effects what-so-ever.

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